Version 2.6: See what’s new and improved

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Karthipriya S

The newest update from MoveX is here! From saved trips to pinned locations, the latest features are here to further simplify your day-to-day dispatching operations. Read on to know everything about the Version 2.6 update.

Saved trips

Every fleet manager has experienced the tedious routine of dispatching the same trip where you have to enter the same information, day after day. Now, handle all your regular dispatching activities like a pro with our ‘Saved Trips’ feature. Here’s how it works.

Once you have created a trip and entered all the related details, including the source, destination, intermediate stops, routes and so on, click on the ‘save trip’ button. So, the next time you create a regular trip, just select the trip name from the ‘Saved trips’ list and voilà, all your information is auto-populated.

Pinned locations

In most cases, your daily dispatch includes common stops like your warehouse, supplier stores and so on. Accurately identifying these locations on the map every time you create a trip may seem tiresome – that’s why we’ve introduced the pinned locations feature.

Pin all your business locations by using the Manager mobile app. Activate your mobile GPS and use the current location option to save your stores and other business stops to its maximum accuracy. When you create a new trip, you can now quickly choose any of your pinned locations as your source, destination or intermediate stops.

Trip-wise fuel consumption

The next feature helps in tackling one of the critical points of any fleet business – monitoring fuel consumption. While entering fuel logs is a common practice, there are instances where you may have to rely on guesswork for tracking trip-wise fuel consumption – well, not anymore.

The MoveX platform lets you know how much fuel is consumed for every trip by analyzing the distance traveled and the vehicle mileage. (Hint: Don’t forget to record your vehicle mileage while adding a vehicle to get the fuel consumption.)

That’s a wrap on the Version 2.6 features. Update your manager application to access the new features and as for the web users, you can experience the new version right away! For any queries, do contact our support team.