Understanding route optimization and its benefits

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Hitanshi D Rathod

When it comes to making a single delivery, everything is pretty straightforward; but add five or six more stops on the way, and things start to get a whole lot complicated. For fleet businesses, every extra mile, every additional stop means increasing expenses. Identifying multiple route possibilities for a single vehicle is challenging, let alone for an entire fleet. Fortunately, route optimization software has made things easier.

So what is route optimization? Let’s find out.

Route optimization is the process of identifying a cost-effective route to cover all your designated stops. An advanced route optimization software takes into account multiple factors such as,

  • route distance,
  • traffic forecast for the particular time and day, and
  • the number of stops.

With one vehicle and five stops, there can be more than 100 possibilities. But what happens when there are 50 or more vehicles with ten stops each? Route optimization technology uses advanced algorithms to provide the best route that reduces the distance to be traveled without compromising your daily operations. MoveX, for example, considers all your multiple stops and offers the most suitable route within seconds. The suggested route can help your drivers reach their destination faster and reduce fuel consumption, all at the same time.

How route optimization improves your business efficiency

Effective route planning can enhance your fleet and driver productivity. Here’s how:

  • With a fixed route, drivers can reach their destination on time and avoid unwanted detours, wasted miles, and unnecessary delays. Your drivers can improve their performance and get more work done quickly. Also, by making on-time deliveries, your business can improve customer experience.
  • Most drivers tend to exceed the speed limit to make deliveries on time. Such aggressive driving can deteriorate your engine condition. Effective route planning can help you make plausible delivery estimates, giving your drivers ample time to reach the destination.
  • Route optimization helps in identifying fuel-efficient routes. From minimizing fuel consumption to choosing ideal routes where drivers don’t have to apply their brakes often, the technology helps in curbing unnecessary fuel wastage.
  • Proper job planning with smarter routes helps your drivers to finish their jobs on time. This way, your business doesn’t have to incur driver overtime wages.

Adopt a route optimization software to know more about how optimized routes can bring cost savings and improve your operational efficiency.