Top 7 Benefits of using GPS tracking software for fleet management

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Karthipriya S

GPS tracking software can increase the productivity of your fleet and contribute to the transformation of your business. Here are the perks you get when using GPS tracking software for fleet management.

Track vehicles in real-time
Fleet owners may face serious issues – everything from delay penalties to bad business reputation – if the vehicles do not reach the destination on time. Bridging the gap between the expectations of the customers and the performance of the vehicles is one of the major challenges of fleet management. The GPS tracking software prevents productivity loss and maintains delivery standards by letting the fleet owners know the whereabouts of the vehicles in real time so that they can make plans accordingly.

Select the best routes
It is an absolute waste of time and fuel for the fleet when long or inappropriate routes are taken. GPS tracking software enables the driver to take the shortest route to every destination. Besides making it easier for the fleet owner and the driver, it plays a vital role in saving fuel. GPS fleet management software also helps to create dynamic routes in real-time when there are unforeseen issues while taking the desired route.

Go digital
Recordkeeping is mandatory for effective fleet management. However, the traditional fleet management process relies heavily on manual methods (which are open to errors) to maintain records. With GPS fleet management software, paperwork is completely eliminated and the records of your fleet automatically go digital making it easier for the fleet managers/owners to maintain them.

Improve workforce/goods safety
Bad driving habits increase the probability of accidents leading to both the loss of lives and damage to goods. The fleet manager can easily monitor the driver behavior such as hard braking, speeding and aggressive acceleration with the GPS tracking software. MoveX provides both the driver and the fleet manager with analytics based on driver behavior enabling the two to evaluate where the driver lags and understand how they can set it right. After all, professional drivers are an asset to the fleet.

Manage maintenance schedule
The vehicles require regular maintenance to function properly or else the repairs may cause additional expenses at unfavourable times. The fleet management software notifies the fleet managers when the scheduled maintenance sessions of the vehicles are due. When the fleet is well-maintained, there is no room for unnecessary expenses on repairs. With MoveX, you can conveniently schedule maintenance for each of your vehicles and make sure that they are good to go.

Prevent engine idling
The drivers may sometimes keep the engine running even when it is not necessary. Excessive idling damages the vehicle’s engine and curtails its life span besides leading to extra fuel consumption. All of these factors pave the way for more investment in terms of fleet maintenance and fuel costs. The GPS fleet tracking software puts an end to excessive engine idling by sending notifications to the fleet managers when the vehicles exceed the fixed engine idling time.

Protect your fleet
Vehicle and fuel theft are not uncommon in the fleet industry and it causes a huge loss for the fleet owners. MoveX helps you keep a keen eye on such activities and sends instant alerts to the fleet managers as and when there is a sudden drop in the fuel level. Similarly, the geofencing feature of the comprehensive fleet management software brings it to the knowledge of the fleet managers when the vehicles step out of the specific geographic range.

GPS tracking software provides numerous benefits for every business. With the right solution, your business can see an improvement in your operations and your revenue. Give MoveX a try today to make use of all the benefits of a GPS fleet tracking software to the fullest.