Top 5 Fuel Management Tips for Your Fleet

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Karthipriya S

Fuel management plays a vital role in increasing the overall efficiency of a fleet. With the frequent fluctuations in fuel costs, fleet managers are on the lookout for a reliable solution to cut down the expenses on fuel. MoveX, the result-driven fleet management software comes handy to keep track of the fuel usage of vehicles and curtail the wastage of the same.

Besides being a threat to safety, speeding also leads to faster consumption of fuel and shortens the lifespan of the vehicles at large. Encourage your drivers to stay within the specified speed limits to ensure efficient fuel management and fleet safety. Keep track of the driver behavior now with MoveX and manage the fuel usage of your fleet at ease.

Engine Idling
Engine idling of heavy-duty vehicles consumes roughly 0.8 gallons of fuel every hour. MoveX helps in monitoring unnecessary idling by alerting the fleet operators. With such advanced tracking, your business can reduce idling time and, in turn, lower fuel wastage.

Several commercial vehicles waste a lot of fuel by taking long routes and waiting in traffic. What if you can help your fleet to take the shortest and hassle-free route to the destination? A route optimization software does just that. Using MoveX and its advanced platform, your drivers can find the fastest route and, in the process, save a lot of time and fuel.

Fuel Fraud
Fuel theft is quite common in the fleet industry. Go in for a reliable fuel monitoring setup to make sure that there is no fuel pilferage. Fleet management software like MoveX sends alerts to the fleet managers whenever there is a sudden drop in the fuel level of the vehicles, thereby preventing fuel fraud.

Fleet Maintenance
Every fleet requires regular maintenance to run smoothly and maintain adequate fuel mileage. For instance, the tires that aren’t fully inflated lead to unnecessary fuel wastage. With MoveX, you can plan your fleet maintenance schedule from time to time to make sure they are good to go.

Are you ready to realize the benefits of effective fuel management? Talk to our product specialists today to understand how MoveX helps your business to achieve cost-savings.