Top 5 benefits of IoT integration in logistics

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Karthipriya S

As customer expectations have become dynamic, the logistics industry finds it difficult to meet the market demands with its conventional practices. It is high time the logistics service providers switch over to a setup that improves business prospects for them. IoT (Internet of Things) can give logistics the edge it needs for a massive transformation at the moment.

Real-time visibility
When it comes to the current logistics setup, tracking freight down to the supply chain terminals happens using barcodes which, in turn, demands human intervention. IoT comes as a better alternative as GPS and RFID tags pass on real-time data to cloud storage, making it possible for every stakeholder in the network to gain end-to-end visibility.

Improved last-mile delivery
Besides expecting to stay informed about the freight movement, the end customers also want faster product delivery. With an IoT- powered digital solution, you can identify congestion-free routes and take the same to reach the end customer at the earliest. Faster product delivery fetches customer satisfaction and increases your business opportunities.

Driver performance monitoring
Driver performance and fleet productivity go hand in hand. However, constantly screening drivers’ behavior is not possible in terms of conventional logistics. IoT makes it all happen and you can easily monitor the driver behavior, from hard braking to engine idling. Based on the data generated, fleet owners can evaluate driver performance and identify the aspects that need more attention to prompt increased productivity.

Additionally, safe driving ensures that the transported goods aren’t jolted causing any damage. This way, by monitoring driver behavior, you can ensure the safety of both the workforce and your goods.

Predictive vehicle maintenance
Vehicle performance is another important parameter of your fleet’s efficiency. Vehicles that are not good to go bring a bad reputation and may also affect your upcoming business opportunities. An IoT-based digital solution keeps track of the vehicle’s health by monitoring everything from fuel consumption to engine performance. Besides, you can also schedule regular fleet maintenance sessions with a digital solution.

Geo-fence creation
Location precision is a necessity when it comes to logistics businesses. IoT facilitates fleet operators to create virtual boundaries for certain locations. The digital platform sends you instant alerts when one or more of your vehicles move in or out of the specified geo zone. Once you receive an alert, you can align your next set of logistics procedures accordingly. This way, you speed up your operations and minimize lead time.

Also, geozones act as an ideal safety measure. Every vehicle movement inside and outside the geozone has its timestamp. This way, you can curb unauthorized access or vehicle theft.

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