Top 4 benefits of real-time visibility for shippers

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Karthipriya S

Freight visibility is no longer a luxury but a necessity especially with the customers wanting to stay informed at every step of the way. Lack of visibility creates a communication gap between the shipper and the end customer and the uncertainty that comes with it only increases cancellation rates. This, in turn, brings bad credit to your business and prevents you from gaining better opportunities in the future.

Here is how a digital solution can improve business prospects for shippers by enabling end-to-end freight visibility.

Prevents unreported delays
Delayed freight delivery is inevitable in logistics considering various external factors, such as legal procedures, unexpected strikes and bad weather. But then, it dissatisfies your customers when you go without informing them about such unforeseen delays. As digital logistics platform enables freight visibility across the supply chain network, the end customer gets notified when there is an unexpected hold-up in the product delivery. This brings a good reputation to the shippers as keeping customers informed is a sign of dedicated customer support.

Accelerates communication process
When it comes to traditional logistics practices, shippers have to make frequent calls to the carriers to enquire about shipment statuses. Similarly, they also have to answer the calls from customers asking for updates on freight movement. With real-time visibility, the end customers automatically get to know where the shipment is which, in turn, eliminates their need to make random calls to the shippers to know the whereabouts of their packages. This saves time and costs for the shippers as process automation curtails the need for manpower.

Streamlines workflow
You certainly cannot achieve your commercial goals with an unorganized workforce, no matter the size of your business. After all, the lack of streamlined workflow is a serious threat to productivity. Real-time freight visibility helps shippers to channelize their overall workflow as they can track any shipment down to its exact location. Based on the same, they can plan their work accordingly and direct their workforce into other new projects.

Generates digital proof of delivery
The paper-based delivery system is completely out of scope at the moment. Besides consuming time, manual records are open to errors. This is no more the scenario with a digital solution. Once the end customer receives the package, the logistics software generates a digital proof of delivery. This way, every product delivery is duly recorded with the time-stamped signature. With real-time updates, the shippers can view the delivery status of every package and come up with alternatives for unsuccessful deliveries at the earliest.

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