Top 4 Benefits of digital logistics platform for 3PLs

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Karthipriya S

Several businesses today want to serve global customers while operating from one part of the world. Most of these businesses rely upon third-party logistics (3PLs) and freight forwarders when it comes to logistics purposes. With conventional methods, 3PLs face issues such as increased inbound lead time, manual documentation and poor freight visibility. These issues pose a serious threat to the business development of logistic service providers. It is high time for 3PLs to go digital in order to stand their grounds and expand their commercial boundaries.

Here are the perks of managing your 3PL operations on a digital platform.

Real-time tracking
A digital solution helps the third party players to provide all the stakeholders in the supply chain network – right from the shipper to the customer – complete transparency of the operations. For the shipper and the end customer, real-time visibility means freight safety and on the other hand, it means fleet safety for the carrier.

Document management
Besides the exchange of data between the consignor and consignee, supply chain operations involve a massive flow of data from various terminals such as order management, real-time tracking, cost management and much more. It is the role of the 3PL to streamline and document the same. Carrying out the documentation process using a digital platform eliminates all the paperwork and prevents data loss.

Operational efficiency
In the presence of a fully equipped digital platform, every process, right from sending orders to dispatching fleet, is automated. This saves a lot of time for the 3PLs and facilitates them to direct their workforce into other projects, paving the way for increased productivity.

Improved customer service
With streamlined supply chain operations, improved customer service is possible. As the digital platform eliminates the communication gap between the stakeholders, business updates are passed among them at the earliest. It is only with a digital logistics platform, one or two-day freight delivery is possible. With quicker delivery, you fetch many happy customers which, in turn, brings more business opportunities your way.

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