Top 3 factors every fleet manager should monitor

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Karthipriya S

An effective fleet management strategy doesn’t end with merely executing your day-to-day operations; what matters is how you analyze every process to identify hidden opportunities, areas of improvement and unnecessary costs.

While every business has its specific objectives, here are three essential factors that need to be monitored.


Your fleet is the revenue-generating pulse of your business and so getting the most out of your fleet is one of the primary responsibilities as a fleet manager. To extract the maximum productivity, you must keep track of your vehicle hours-of-operation and miles traveled for analyzing your fleet performance. Fleet monitoring will provide a glimpse into how your vehicles are being utilized.

Fleet managers can identify underutilized vehicles to distribute daily activities to those underutilized fleets and get the maximum productivity possible. Free miles and unnecessary idling are signs of wasted productivity and improper planning. By analyzing fleet utilization reports, you can minimize unproductive activities and ensure your vehicles are set out to bring the highest efficiency.

Driver Behavior

Overspeeding, harsh acceleration and other acts of aggressive driving have more implications than you can imagine. First, excessive speeding causes a record 80% of the total road accidents. From compensation payment, vehicle repair expenses, goods damage to insurance premiums, businesses face huge losses due to accidents.

Second, harsh driving adversely impacts fuel efficiency. Applying harsh braking and speeding reduces the vehicle’s mileage and leads to unwanted fuel wastage. While fuel has already been deemed as one of the biggest expenditures of fleet business, fuel wastage can further cut down your profit margin.

And last, improper driving affects the overall vehicle condition, leading to shortened vehicle life and increased maintenance cost.

With such high stakes, it is essential to monitor driver behavior. MoveX lets you keep a check on individual driver performance to help in correcting behavior easily.

Fleet Condition

With fleet being the most significant investment of your business, it is crucial to protect it. Most companies suffer increased expenditure due to rising maintenance costs and reduced vehicle life. Also, maintenance negligence can increase vehicle breakdown which can delay your operations and affect your business reputation. Protect your business from such losses by continually analyzing your vehicle condition and implementing a strategic maintenance schedule.

Monitoring your operational performance and making necessary improvements is the core of a sustainable business. MoveX empowers your decision-making process with intelligent analytics. Make data-driven actions to get the most of your business.