TILOG LogistiX 2018: MoveX, at the Grandest ASEAN Platform

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hitanshi D.Rathod

Last month, TILOG LogistiX was held in the bustling city of Bangkok, and MoveX took center stage to be a part of the biggest logistics event in the region. This year, the prominent event on Logistics Service Providers and Intralogistics Technologies and Solutions was launched under the theme, “ASEAN Logistics Solutions – CLMVT Sourcing Partners”, and MoveX was indeed honored to be the only exhibitor from India.

TILOG: The event for Logistics Essentials

The event, which was held on August 29-31, saw 415 participants emerging from 25 countries. Where the majority of visitors belonged to the logistics service and IT sector, there were many interested top management visitors who came from the different sectors of supply chain, map service, food service, packaging, farm and equipment industry.

The stage served as a collaborative space for warehouse management providers, logistics providers and e-Logistics to explore solutions and business partners and MoveX was in the midst, displaying its contribution to the fleet management landscape.

Presenting MoveX at TILOG

A team of four represented MoveX and spent the 3-day event interacting with the managing directors, general manager, co-founder and other VIP visitors from countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, Vietnam and even a few visitors from New Zealand.

The event was the ideal platform to showcase our intelligent fleet management platform that encompasses not just fleet tracking but everything beyond that. Our strong base in hardware, including our OBDII devices, turned out to become the central focus for the visitors who wished to leverage this technical advantage in managing their fleet operations.
MoveX at TILOG LOGISTIX 2018, Bangkok

During the course of three days, we were able to discover the opportunities the CLMVT market offered and succeeded in gaining potential customers from the event.
All-in-all, the TILOG LogistiX 2018 event turned out to be a rewarding experience for our MoveX team, and as a leading technology frontrunner, the platform served as a step to exploring the ever-growing ASEAN Logistics market.

Until next year, Khob Khun Krab – Thank You, Bangkok!