The path towards connectivity: Telematics and OEMs

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Karthipriya S

As IoT and telematics advance technologically, they have become a core part of the transportation and fleet management industry. With its ability to provide real-time connectivity and a plethora of data insights, telematics has disrupted the way carriers, shippers and insurance companies operate their businesses and make decisions.

Over the past few years, industry front-runners are identifying new methods to harness the limitless potential of IoT and telematics – one such entrant has been the OEMs.

Telematics and OEMs

The thriving competition within the automaker landscape has made OEMs to find an edge that can propel them ahead of the rest. For instance, players such as CAT and John Deere have launched their fleet with telematics integration.

Telematics drives value for both the customers and the OEMs.

When it comes to the customers of the OEMs, they are equipped with an IoT platform that enables vehicle tracking and engine data monitoring. Additionally, customers derive the vehicle data to plan their maintenance strategy, allowing them to save thousands of dollars in terms of minimizing vehicle downtime and costly repairs. The inclusion of analytical reports has also empowered customers to gather critical insights and make data-driven decisions.

As for the OEMs, telematics has opened up a critical opportunity of analyzing their vehicles. Such insights will help in strategizing their vehicle production by analyzing fuel consumption, vehicle performance and ultimate wear and tear. With data coming in from a large fleet of vehicles, OEMs can indeed take necessary actions to improve their supply chain and the ultimate end product.

Connectivity-as-a-service: Fleet management solution providers and OEMs

Recently, TomTom Telematics, now acquired by Bridgestone, opened up its OEM.connect programme that allows OEMs to access its fleet management solutions through the platform. This is just the beginning of a new possible change in the telematics industry.

The inclusion of fleet management solution providers in the IoT sphere is a definite advantage to every OEMs. Here’s how.

OEM telematics are restricted to generating data only from their fleet, but with the fleet management solution – which is connected to multiple manufacturers – the insights gathered will be more effective. Such intelligence will push the envelope in decision-making for both the OEMs and the customers.

The road ahead

The debate of how OEMs will utilize telematics is never-ending and the inclusion of fleet management solution providers just makes things more interesting. No matter which side the conversion goes, the end result will herald the beginning of a new connected intelligence era.