School Bus Transportation: 5 Reasons to adopt a fleet management system

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Karthipriya S

When it comes to education transportation, institutions face an enormous sense of accountability for the safety of the students. With fleets plying on a daily basis to pick the children from home to the school and drop them back, schools are responsible for ensuring that the children reach on time and the vehicles operate within the standards. But, with disorganized processes, unchecked driver behavior and rising fuel expenses, schools struggle to maintain their daily activities effectively.

However, the introduction of fleet management and GPS tracking system in the education transportation industry can eliminate these inefficiencies.

Take a look at the 5 reasons why you should switch to the digital platform.

Monitor real-time fleet location

One of the obvious, yet crucial benefits of adopting a fleet management system is the ability to track the location of your buses. Where schools need to ensure that the buses reach on time, the parents are constantly worried about the safety of their children. With a GPS tracking system, schools can track the vehicle movements and the parents can monitor the estimated time of arrival.

Optimize routes for better savings

Many times, drivers take different routes to cover the multiple pickup and drop locations. This can lead to delayed arrivals, wasted miles, and unnecessary fuel consumption. An intelligent route optimization can highlight the fastest route that covers all the stops within fewer miles. Additionally, the fleet managers can receive immediate alerts whenever the driver deviates from the route.

Overview driver behavior

One of the biggest barriers for on-road safety is aggressive driving. In order to reach on time, drivers tend to exceed the speed limit, thereby endangering the safety of the children. With an advanced tracking system, fleet managers can receive immediate alerts for harsh events such as speeding, hard braking and harsh acceleration. Based on the driver performance, fleet managers can coach the drivers on how to maintain the safety protocols at all times.

Control fuel expenditure

With stringent budgets, most schools struggle to maintain their operational costs at a minimum. And the major portion of the costs arises from the vehicle fuel. The fleet management system provides complete visibility over fuel consumption, vehicle-based fuel costs and in-depth factors such as vehicle mileage, cost per mile and other defined metrics.

Maintain optimal fleet health
Sudden breakdown, reduced vehicle life and increased repair costs are a major concern for educational institutions. An effective way of mitigating such occurrences is by taking preventive measurements. Fleet managers can create a maintenance schedule based on vehicle utilization and conduct daily inspections to avoid any unexpected circumstances. With regular maintenance, fleet managers can witness a drastic improvement in the fleet health and prolong the vehicle lifecycle.

Switch to the digital way of maintaining your education fleet to ensure the highest level of visibility, safety and efficiency. Talk to our product specialists to know how MoveX can transform your operations.