Introducing the brand new Version 2.5 features

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Karthipriya S

The V2.5 brings smart dispatch and route optimization in its entirety. Plus, you can now provide complete visibility to your customers and suppliers with the exciting ‘Share Trip’ feature. Below are the list of the latest updates.

Smart dispatch

To expedite your dispatching capabilities, we have brought the smart dispatch feature that matches your consignment to the suitable vehicle. This unique feature makes it easier for fleet managers to choose a particular vehicle from its fleet for the trip based on the shipment.

The smart dispatch feature lets you create a trip by providing the locations to be covered, the shipment details and its corresponding weight. Based on the goods weight and vehicle payload, the system shows the best-suited vehicles. Instead of analyzing vehicle specifications manually, you can quickly choose the preferred vehicle from the auto-suggested list and dispatch the trip.

*This feature is available as an add-on only.

Route optimization

You can now choose the fastest and shortest route for multiple pickup or drop locations with the route optimization feature. The system reorders the stops to create a cost-effective route that covers all the opportunities and saves miles traveled at the same time.

*This feature is available as an add-on only.

Share Trip

This innovative feature lets you share your trip to everyone involved in the process, i.e., your customers and suppliers. When you create a new trip, you can select the users who can track the vehicle location and receive trip updates. With this feature, you can provide real-time visibility and keep everyone in the loop.

Driver mobile app: What’s new

The new update comes with the below features in the driver mobile application:

  • As mentioned in the previous update, fleet managers can start a trip from their web application on behalf of the drivers. In this version, drivers will receive voice alerts when the fleet manager starts the assigned trip.
  • In case the driver deviates from the assigned route, they will now receive voice alerts to help them correct their course immediately.

Update your application to get the latest updates. To gain access to the add-on features, feel free to get in touch with our product specialists or send us an email at