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Karthipriya S

Irrespective of the nature of your business, every industry faces the constant burden of ensuring on-time deliveries. Time is of the highest essence and even a delay of a second can cause ripples across the operations, costing businesses both in numbers and its reputation.

Where strategic route planning can set the foundation for smoother deliveries, it is even more necessary to monitor the job progress and handle unexpected events on the fly. And that’s why your business needs a powerful fleet management solution that empowers your decisions with real-time updates and flexibility.

Route monitoring

Quite often, fleet managers break their heads in figuring out the best possible route that covers maximum stops within reduced miles. Where the fastest route may seem like the best option, an intelligent route planning solution can help in tracing a route that is the most profitable one by analyzing whether a vehicle can cover all the stops in one day or spread its workload over the next couple of days to gain the best output.

After this, fleet managers think that their work is done, however, this is far from the reality. In real-life scenarios, it is crucial to monitor the driver and the actual route taken by them. This helps in detecting route deviations and help in course correction.

Also, by monitoring the job progress, your business can:

  • Identify arrival and departure time to reduce inquiries and be prepared for the next step in the supply management process, i.e. readying for unloading or loading.
  • Inform the customers in case of any delays on the road to avoid any expectations and provide realistic timelines.
  • Dispatch immediate assistance and replacement in case of vehicle breakdown or accidents to avoid derailing the delivery process.

Additionally, there may be multiple instances where routes need to be updated on-the-go due to unavailability of a particular vendor or cancellation of a particular job during a multi-stop route. With a flexible solution, fleet managers can make changes easily to drastically reduces confusion, effort and time.

Always stay in the know

For the logistics and transportation industry, there should always be a platform for the stakeholders to communicate in real-time. From reporting vehicle breakdowns, route changes to unexpected events, there are many instances where the drivers and fleet managers need to exchange information and receive response instantly, on a daily basis.

And that’s why the MoveX application offers a simplistic messaging tool where drivers and fleet managers can share information and send files, without having to rely on phone calls.

Route review

Once the job is completed, fleet managers need to review the route performance to identify areas of improvement. In some cases, drivers would have found a particular route challenging even if it may be the shortest route. Such kind of driver feedback can be taken into consideration while planning the next trip.

With MoveX and its advanced route optimization solution, it becomes so much easier to plan your jobs, oversee the progress and ensure on-time deliveries, every time. Experience how a digital platform can transform your business operations now.

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