How vehicle tracking improves your fleet productivity

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Karthipriya S

Fleet represents the most valuable asset of a logistics and transportation industry and obtaining the best return on your investment is paramount. Most businesses face increasing overhead costs and reduced productivity due to improper planning and the rising complexities of the industry just seem to add to the burden. In the recent years, technological advancements including telematics and fleet tracking software have heralded a new generation of fleet management making it easier to streamline work processes for improved cost-efficiency.

Here are four ways in which a fleet tracking software can help you get the maximum potential of your fleet.

Minimize vehicle wear and tear

Most fleet businesses overlook the impact of aggressive driving on vehicle productivity. While speeding, acceleration and braking can severely deteriorate the vehicle life, it can also impede maximum fleet productivity. With an intelligent fleet tracking software, businesses can receive an alert every time a driver performs such aggressive driving patterns, thereby giving your business a better control over driver behavior.

With such advanced monitoring, fleet businesses can not only reduce vehicle wear and tear, but also improve safety on the road.

Smarter routes

Fleet businesses are under a constant pressure to cover maximum distance in minimum time. Route optimization allows dispatchers to map out all the daily job locations in such way that it minimizes time stops and covers all the locations with fewer miles. This way, your fleet can achieve the most out of their designated working hours. Besides, smarter routes also mean less fuel wastage and, in turn, reduce fuel expenditure.

Monitor vehicle idling

For every hour a vehicle is idling, the amount of fuel wasted can amount up to one gallon. This can mean a huge overhead cost for your business as well as a negative impact on your vehicle engine. Identify idle vehicles easily and control such unwanted expenditure.

Preventive maintenance

To ensure that your fleet performs its very best, it is essential to maintain them in the best condition. Rather than relying on manual inputs and schedules, a fleet maintenance system forms a strategic approach to schedule preventive maintenance. Based on the engine data derived from OBD-II devices, know exactly when a particular vehicle needs to be sent for maintenance. This way, keep your vehicles on the road more and form the right size of your fleet.