How technology can improve operations for carriers

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Karthipriya S

Carriers play a vital role in keeping the logistics networks intact by making timely freight delivery possible. However, the traditional logistics methods have several pain points – right from time-consuming manual recordkeeping to increased overhead costs – that hinder the growth of their businesses. Technological advancements are revolutionizing the logistics sector today and it is high time for carriers to switch over to a digital platform to address the shortcomings.

Vehicle management
Efficient fleet management is mandatory for carriers to achieve streamlined freight movement. Any discrepancy in the flow of goods can lead to a larger disruption bringing bad credit to your business. With a logistics solution, you can monitor your vehicles 24×7 and also optimize routes for your fleet to ensure fleet safety and faster freight delivery.

Driver performance & safety
Drivers are an asset to your business. With a GPS-powered digital solution, you can keep track of your drivers in real-time and monitor their behavior, right from hard braking to unnecessary engine idling. This way, you can help your drivers improve their performance and promote on-road safety. In fact, the use of ELD has led to an 11.7% decrease in crashes. Besides, you can boost fuel efficiency and increase the engine’s life span which, in turn, cuts short overhead costs.

Cost efficiency
In the traditional logistics setup, there is no room to know the exact time of freight arrival at a given supply chain node. Poor time management keeps the resources pointlessly waiting at the docks eventually increasing unproductive hours. In fact, two-third of the carriers claim that their employers are detained at the docks while only 3% of shippers pay them for the waiting charges. On the contrary, a digital solution notifies you when the goods are about to arrive so that your workforce can take positions on the deck accordingly and avoid paying fines.

Customer support
Customer satisfaction is the driving force of any business and logistics is no exception. With a digital solution for your business, you can provide your customers with precise ETAs and keep them informed at all times. Satisfied customers naturally come back for more which eventually increases your business opportunities and fetches more revenue for your logistics business.

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