How supply chain visibility improves transparency across networks

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Karthipriya S

Supply chain visibility is the ability to track a given delivery network from the source to the end customer in order to mitigate the possible risks and streamline your business operations based on the same. Given the involvement of multiple stakeholders in a supply chain network, visibility turns out to be the one-on-one solution to overcome every business inefficiency, right from longer lead time to increased operational costs.

Supply chain visibility relies on trace and track mechanism. Tracing denotes going back to the static details such as product information and stakeholder details related to the given delivery network. On the other hand, tracking refers to the in-transit information relevant to the same. Bringing both the components together, achieving end-to-end visibility is possible.

Key benefits of supply chain visibility

Enhanced customer base
Today’s customers expect more detailed information regarding freight movement. So, service providers who give real-time updates on product movement become the preferred choice of the customers. By facilitating your customers with freight visibility, you gain your customers’ trust which, in turn, increases your brand value in the market. This way, you can retain your existing customers and also attract several new customers resulting in customer base improvement in the long run.

Risk mitigation
Supply chain networks are subject to various internal and external risks. These risks may cause serious disruptions in the supply chain if not taken care of. With end-to-end visibility, the supply network can be strengthened with zero communication gap between the stakeholders and alternatives can be found at the earliest to quicken freight movement.

Improved trust
As all the stakeholders in the network from shippers to end customers can trace and track freight, they get to know if something goes wrong and can identify the supply chain node where there is a problem. This way, supply chain visibility eliminates fraudulence in logistics and establishes trust across the given network.

Operational efficiency
With data transparency and traceability, you get a bigger picture of the supply chain network. Real-time transit information facilitates you to position your workforce accordingly and finetune your business process. This way, supply chain visibility helps you to plan your workflow and in turn, improves your operational efficiency.

Supply chain visibility in logistics can be achieved by making use of technological advancements. This includes the Internet of Things, machine learning, cloud storage and much more. A digital logistics platform incorporating these technologies come handy to establish end-to-end visibility for logistics businesses.

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