How MoveX helps fleet owners to grow their business

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Karthipriya S

Managing a fleet is no easy business. With increasing complexities, fleet owners face numerous challenges such as manual inefficiencies, rising operational costs, unauthorized vehicle use and fraudulent practices. Additionally, using analogue methods to handle fleet operations bring their own problems, costing businesses time, money and effort.

The introduction of fleet management software has brought some relief for fleet owners. MoveX, an intelligent fleet management solution, provides a uniquely designed platform to handle all the fleet operations.

Here are the top four benefits MoveX provides to all fleet businesses.

Increase operational efficiency

One of the most critical problems associated with manual operations is the lengthy, time-consuming process. From maintaining the disorganized paper trail to putting in extra efforts to record every fleet activity, manual practices slow down the business.

With MoveX, fleet owners can adopt a paperless system to manage fleet dispatch, maintain expenses and expedite operational processes. Fleet operators can create daily trips, dispatch vehicles, keep a track of trip-wise expense and analyze the trip revenue, all from a platform. That’s the kind of operational efficiency that defines a successful fleet business.

Minimize expenses

For every fleet owner, finding the right cost management strategy to maintain a good profit margin is complicated. MoveX helps in better cost-savings by providing a comprehensive glance of the fleet operations, thereby highlighting blind spots and unnecessary costs.

Fuel and maintenance are two of the factors that considerably affect bottom-line results. MoveX leverages advanced tracking and machine learning technology to help businesses manage their rising fuel and maintenance costs.

For instance, by correcting aggressive driving behavior, fleet owners can minimize fuel wastage and improve vehicle mileage. Also, by keeping unauthorized vehicle usage in check, they can avoid fuel theft.

When it comes to fleet maintenance, MoveX let businesses plan an effective preventive strategy. With automated service reminders and renewal notifications, the chances of missing critical maintenance are minimal to none.

By taking minuscule, yet significant measures, fleet owners can control their operational expenses and keep the revenue margin high.

Increase Fleet Productivity

Most fleet owners fight the constant battle of deriving the most output of their existing fleet. With limited visibility over their fleet activities, they are caught between a debate on expanding their fleet or losing out their profit margin. MoveX helps increase business productivity using the existing fleet. Here’s how.

First, the platform gives fleet owners a complete picture of their fleet activities, allowing them to analyze how each of the vehicle is being utilized. By identifying underutilized vehicles, fleet owners can plan dispatching activities better. Second, by following a proper maintenance strategy, fleet owners can extend the vehicle life, thereby making the most out of the vehicle. Third, with on-board diagnostics, fleet owners can identify engine failure to mitigate damages and minimize maintenance costs.

Improve driver safety

Driver behavior monitoring is one of the most effective ways to maintain on-road safety. Fleet owners can monitor excessive speeding, harsh acceleration and other aggressive driving practices. By keeping an eye and rectifying harsh driving, fleet owners can minimize accidents and improve safety.

For fleet owners, running a successful business can be challenging. MoveX brings order to chaotic processes with its intelligent fleet management solution. See how MoveX can transform your business operations. Ask for a free trial today.