How machine learning can benefit supply chain and logistics

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Karthipriya S

Machine learning (ML), a part of artificial intelligence (AI), helps in improving the operational efficiency of businesses using statistical techniques and algorithms. The technology finds application in logistics and can solve issues ranging from poor freight visibility to delayed shipment deliveries.

Here are the benefits of machine learning for supply chain and logistics.

Optimized routes
Vehicle routes with repeated and unscheduled stoppages can affect the quality of last-mile delivery and bring bad credit to logistics businesses. With machine learning, a digital solution for logistics can analyze previous routes taken by your vehicles to find out poorly connected routes and come up with alternatives.

Better decision making
An ML-powered logistics platform analyzes huge chunks of your business data to identify patterns in order to bolster smart decision making. Such timely moves in the logistics sector can help business owners to mitigate risks at the earliest and keep the supply chain intact to prompt on-time product deliveries.

Precise ETA
As risks are mitigated at the earliest and routes are rightly optimized for efficient last-mile delivery with machine learning, precise ETA is generated. This improves communication between the stakeholders, allowing them to channelize the overall supply chain operations accordingly.

Improved compliance
Freight movement from one destination to the other involves meeting certain legal constraints based on geography. Logistics companies are expected to rightly meet such industry regulations and safety standards to ensure seamless transport of goods. Machine learning can quicken the process by streamlining compliance monitoring.

Reduced operational costs
With machine learning, the stakeholders in a supply chain network can send automated responses to customer queries. This way, they can cut short the operational expenses considerably while developing a good rapport with your customers.

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