How digital logistics can improve rapport between shippers and 3PL

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Hitanshi D Rathod

Logistics involves complex operations and the stakeholders concerned are expected to maintain a good rapport to serve the end customer better. However, traditional logistics faces problems such as poor visibility, increased overhead costs, delayed freight delivery and much more. Due to this, logistics operators including shippers and 3PL lose upcoming business opportunities when they fail to satisfy their customers.

Here is how a digital solution can help to address supply chain demands and develop a robust professional relationship between shippers and 3PLs which, in turn, improves business prospects for both of them.

Improved communication
With the increase in the rate of customers expecting same-day delivery, instant communication between shippers and 3PL is mandatory to rightly meet the supply chain demands. However, such faster communication is not possible with traditional logistics because it still relies heavily on manual order processing. On the other hand, the digital solution paves the way for real-time information interchange between shippers and 3PL, all on a single platform, thereby ensuring quicker freight delivery.

Increased productivity
Do you know 46% of shippers today prefer technology-based assistance for better freight transportation? With the logistics software, business data can be converted into productive insights to bolster effective decision-making in the near future. The AI-powered platform analyzes previous logistics data and generates insights with advanced analytics to help stakeholders eliminate inefficiencies and unleash maximum business productivity.

Cost efficiency
Increased overhead costs are one of the major shortcomings of traditional logistics. In fact, 63% of the shippers state that they look forward to cutting down transportation costs. The components behind the increased expenditure in logistics include manual document processing, delayed freight arrival at the docks, compliance check and much more. A tech-oriented shipper or 3PL can put an end to all these issues by digitizing documents and generating precise ETA using a digital solution.

Risk mitigation
As logistics involves the movement of freight from one location to the other, risks are an inevitable part of the segment. Traditional logistics players struggle to mitigate unforeseen risks from uncertain workflow to bad weather that lead to delayed product deliveries and unhappy customers. However, shippers and 3PLs relying upon a digital solution for their business operations can identify risks at the earliest and do the needful to keep the supply chain intact. This way, on-time freight delivery is possible, which, in turn, brings a good business reputation for both shippers and 3PLs.

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