How digital logistics can improve prospects for agriculture transit

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Karthipriya S

Transportation plays a vital role in agriculture because it contributes in terms of both yield and business post-harvest. After all, food has to pass through a massive supply network before it eventually reaches the consumer. Given the perishable nature of agricultural products, several risks are involved in transporting the same. Digital logistics becomes a necessity for the segment to mitigate risks in agriculture transit and boost returns.

Real-time visibility
Time management is an important parameter when it comes to agriculture transit. Poor time management can affect the quality of the produce and can lead to food wastage. In fact, one-third of agricultural products are wasted every year due to inefficiencies in the sector.

With an integrated logistics platform, the stakeholders involved in the agriculture supply chain network get real-time updates on the location of the shipment. This way, the shipper can get the workforce ready right on time to pass the farm produce on to the next supply chain node.

Legal compliance
Safety is a primary concern when it comes to agriculture – right from fertilizers to yield – and even the slightest discrepancy here can cause a massive disruption in the supply network. Given the safety parameters, legal clearance may take time which, in turn, delays the shipping process. With an automated logistics platform, legal documents and other records are easily available and shareable in digital format. This way, you can ensure legal compliance at the quickest for shipments based in agriculture.

Cost efficiency
Overhead costs are one of the major issues when it comes to the transport of farm produce. Increased expenditure towards moving the produce to the end customers means lower profitability for agribusiness. Additionally, food wastage and spillage also contribute to monetary loss.

The cloud-based analytics generated by the logistics software facilitates you to analyze the inefficiencies so that you can improve the results. With data-backed business decisions, you can streamline your workflow and, in turn, cut down extra costs.

Business growth
Poor agriculture marketing brings bad credit to your business. With a digital logistics solution, it is possible to eliminate the communication gap between the stakeholders in the farm-produce supply network. Better communication across the network can improve overall business efficiency and help you gain your customers’ trust synchronously. This way, you can gain more business opportunities, expand your customer base and boost cash flow into your business.

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