How digital logistics can improve customer experience

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Karthipriya S

Understanding the needs of the customers and fulfilling the same is the key to business success. From this standpoint, the logistics segment needs a multi-dimensional approach to satisfy the customers to the fullest, particularly with the growth of e-commerce. Positive customer experience fetches good reputation, while a negative experience poses a serious threat to your logistics business. 50% of dissatisfied customers make it a point to post negative reviews on social media which, in turn, brings bad credit to your business.

With several challenges put forward in terms of customer satisfaction, it is high time you revamp your logistics business. After all, the conventional logistics methods run short of effectiveness when it comes to fulfilling the needs of today’s customers, right from faster delivery to freight visibility. This is precisely where logistics software comes into play.

Faster product delivery
61% of customers today prefer same-day delivery no matter what it costs them. So, the logistics companies must speed up their product deliveries to improve customer experience. A digital solution for logistics prompts faster product delivery by automating every process, from order placement to fulfilment. As there is no communication gap between various logistics players, the requirement is passed on between them at the earliest and the product is delivered to the end customer right on time.

Streamlined dispatch
Transportation, especially last-mile delivery, has become one of the most complex segments of logistics. With widespread customers and multiple pickup/drop-offs, most businesses lose out on time windows without proper planning. An AI-powered digital logistics solution facilitates better delivery optimization by helping you plan your multiple stops better. With accurate route and delivery management, you have more time and workforce in your hands to explore other delivery opportunities. With more business coming your way and a steady improvement in customer experience, your logistics business can build a better reputation.

Real-time tracking
A digital solution enables your customers to track their products in real-time. This, in turn, increases customer confidence. Additionally, such transparency plays a vital role in boosting your brand value and credibility which further translates into a bigger customer base in the long run.

Lower cancellation rate
Cancellations have been one of the major pain points for a logistics business. But now, the customers can get to know where the package is at any given point of time, following which, the possibility of order cancellation is very less. You can also come up with alternatives when there is a delay in product delivery and also keep the end customers informed of the same. After all, 93% of customers prefer to stay informed when they place orders for products online.

Information accuracy
If not for accurate logistics data, the probability of your customers getting dissatisfied with your service is high. Such dissatisfied customers hinder your business expansion. As a customized logistics software automates all the processes, there is no need for manual paperwork. Also, in the absence of human intervention to record information, there is no room for errors which, in turn, maximizes the accuracy of the logistics data.

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