Build a positive brand reputation with efficient route planning

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Karthipriya S

The road to customer satisfaction and a great brand reputation stems from on-time deliveries. Inconsistency in services can frustrate your customers and can result in negative publicity. On the other hand, brand goodwill is the answer for business sustainability. So how do you ensure on-time service? Here’s where route optimization comes in.

Where yesteryear’s manual routing created uncertainties and inefficiencies, the modern-day route planning has opened up innumerable opportunities for businesses to establish standardized deliveries.

Discover the fastest routes

There are certain on-road circumstances that manual routing find impossible to cover. Rather than relying on guesswork, a route planning software showcases the most optimized routes based on multiple factors such as current road conditions, road diversions and more. Also, the traffic and weather forecast feature takes into account any unpredictable events that can slow down the process. This way, your drivers will have no trouble navigating the distance and delivering the services on time.

Smart routing to cover multiple stops

In most cases, drivers are assigned with multiple drop-and-pickup services on a daily basis. With an advanced routing, your business will be able to create smart routes that cover multiple stops without having to travel unwanted miles, also reducing your fuel consumption in the process.

Such efficiency in route planning can help your business in more ways than one. Here’s how:

  • Improve operational processes: Almost too often the delay in deliveries is caused due to the goods not arriving at the dock on time or there is another vehicle offloading process happening. When your business is aware of the exact arrival and departure of your field employees, it becomes easier for planning your business activities.
  • Better driver safety: Sometimes, drivers tend to overspeed to reach the customer destinations on time. When route planning comes into play, the drivers will have ample time to reach the customers on time. Additionally, fleet businesses can leverage driver tracking and gamification to improve driving behavior and encourage drivers not to practice aggressive on-road habits.

All in all, it is essential to keep your customers informed about everything that is associated with their delivery, i.e. service estimates, process changes and notifications for arriving deliveries. Experience how route planning can create a significant impact on improving your services and brand reputation now.