Best preventive maintenance tips to keep your fleet in the best condition

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Karthipriya S

Most fleet managers battle throughout the day to run their operations without a hitch. However, when a vehicle breaks down, the entire delivery process comes to a standstill. So how do you keep your vehicles on the road? Proactive fleet maintenance is the best way to prevent avoidable engine failure and vehicle repair.

Here are three quick tips for building an effective fleet maintenance strategy.

Be proactive with maintenance schedule

Preventive maintenance is better than incurring expensive repair costs and, not to mention, the costly consequences of missed maintenance on your business reputation and profit margin.

One of the most common practices is to implement time and odometer-based maintenance intervals. However, do consider two critical factors – the vehicle’s operating conditions and vehicle life. Aged fleets require maintenance more frequently, and so do vehicles that work under harsh conditions.

Unlike before – where fleet managers depended on chaotic methods to keep track of the maintenance schedule – fleet maintenance software has simplified the process. MoveX helps you to plan the maintenance schedule for varying categories by considering multiple factors such as distance traveled and hours-of-operation.

Implement vehicle inspection

A recent survey highlighted how poor vehicle conditions were the second highest cause for on-road accidents. As a fleet business, it is essential for you to ensure the safety of your drivers, goods, and assets. Pre-trip inspections are a great way to identify vehicle faults before hitting the road.

Vehicle inspections can be generic, say checking the tire pressure, brakes and gear though it’s best to create custom inspections based on the vehicle and the route that is to be taken. For example, high-altitude terrain can put pressure on your engine, so it is critical to ensure your clutch is working effectively.

To make things simple, MoveX lets you create recurring vehicle inspections for a group of fleets. This way, you don’t have to worry about planning inspections every other day.

Improve your strategy based on data

Plan, execute, analyze – that’s the way to improve any strategy, including your fleet maintenance. Keep an eye on individual vehicle performance to understand the pattern in which they visit the workshop. Such insights will help in improving your vehicle preventive maintenance. MoveX, for instance, provides analytical reports on vehicle-wise costs and maintenance history to help you draw a better picture of your fleet condition.

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