Asset Tracking: The simple answer to better control & reduced costs

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hitanshi D.Rathod

Assets are the pulse of every fleet business. And when assets come into the picture, it is not just the vehicles; it’s everything from trailers, containers, equipment to machinery. Most businesses endure a laborious process to keep track of all the assets owned by the company. And at times, a large number of assets go unutilized, unchecked and misplaced. With the advancement in tracking technology, it is now much easier to monitor your assets, from anywhere.

Manage assets from multiple locations

Every business owns a certain number of fixed and moveable assets and these may be spread across multiple locations. With an intelligent asset tracking software, asset managers can keep an eye on everything that is associated with your assets.

  1. Locate assets: Most companies establish warehouses and offices across regions to store their assets. Keeping track of every asset’s current location can be a tedious process. MoveX helps businesses to find your assets across multiple geographical regions within mere seconds. Leverage our asset tracker device to find your trailers, machinery and so much more.
  2. Track asset usage: Know when your assets are in operation, the current location of your asset and monitor any unauthorized usage. Using MoveX, fleet managers can easily associate a particular asset to a job to know how your assets are being employed.
  3. Monitor better with geofencing: To improve monitoring capabilities, fleet managers can create geofences to monitor when an asset is being moved in or out of the location. These virtual boundaries are your reliable security system that can keep unauthorized usage in check and prevent asset theft.
  4. Identify unused assets: There are multiple scenarios where assets are purchased and later, remains unused and forgotten. An intelligent asset tracking solution provides a comprehensive glance at your assets, helping you locate unused assets. This way, businesses can plan better, increase overall productivity and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Ensure goods safety

Fleet businesses are accountable for both on-time deliveries and the consignments’ safety, and that is an immense responsibility. Apart from monitoring your assets, MoveX helps in ensuring the safety of your goods with its advanced tracking technology.

Fleet managers can keep track of the goods, starting right from goods procurement, truck loading, on-journey process to delivery. The platform provides real-time notifications on goods movement, helping fleet managers to locate specific goods and trace missing consignments easily.

Better decision-making to minimize costs

MoveX takes your business forward with analytical insights that zero down on relevant information that can make a significant difference to your operations. From analyzing asset-wise costs to individual productivity based on historical data, fleet managers can identify strategies to discard unnecessary assets and avoid wastages.

Have better control of your assets to unearth its maximum potential with MoveX. Adopt our intelligent asset tracking software today.