7 Benefits of adopting GPS tracking for your fleet business

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Karthipriya S

Managing a fleet isn’t easy. While the widespread operations and dependencies across diverse workforce is challenging, the on-road uncertainties add up to the complexities faced by the industry. The key to successful operations is to gain real-time visibility across everything that’s happening within your business. And here’s when GPS tracking can bring order to the chaos.

Take a lot at the seven ways in which the GPS tracking technology can solve your crucial problems.

1. Know what’s happening in real time

Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial benefits of GPS tracking is increased visibility. Everything from knowing the exact location of your fleet to monitoring your driver activities, GPS tracking brings complete transparency across your operations. With such data in hand, fleet managers can easily know the progress of multiple jobs, and identify underperforming workforce and idle vehicles from anywhere, at any time.

2. Ensure on-time deliveries

The reputation of a fleet carrier rides on its commitment to on-time deliveries. However, with numerous risk factors and unforeseen challenges, it can become challenging to reach your customers on time. There are three ways this can be solved – choose smarter routes, plan effectively and monitor any last-time updates. GPS tracking provides all these advantages and so much more.

When you know how your fleet and drivers are being employed, it becomes easier to plan daily dispatch activities. And the route optimization feature that comes with GPS tracking helps you find the best possible route that covers your multiple stops, all by saving time and miles. And lastly, with real-time visibility, it is easier to implement last-minute customer change requests and provide accurate ETAs.

3. Dispatch assistance quickly

Quite often, on-road journeys can be unpredictable. Road accidents and vehicle breakdown are two common problems that most truck drivers face. This can cause serious downtime and lead to unnecessary costs. GPS tracking mitigates such risks by giving you real-time updates on such scenarios. This way, fleet managers can dispatch assistance in case of emergencies and also send in backup vehicles to continue the delivery process, without disturbing the operational flow.

4. Control unnecessary operational leakages

How do you ensure that your drivers are utilizing your fleet to complete the assigned jobs and aren’t using the resources to finish their personal work? Without proper visibility, this is impossible. Thankfully, GPS tracking helps in monitoring your driver activities and sends real-time alerts for route deviation, unauthorized vehicle usage and more.

5. Monitor driver performance
Aggressive driving behavior not only endangers the one behind the wheel, but also leads to massive expenses in terms of accident compensation, vehicle wear and tear and its subsequent repair costs. A plug-in OBD GPS tracking device can track your driver behavior such as speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking and cornering. Fleet managers can monitor such driving patterns and take the necessary steps to improve safety standards.

6. Minimize fuel costs

With fuel costs showing no signs of slowing down, it is up to the fleet managers to build fuel management strategies without compromising the operations. GPS tracking helps you to keep track of fuel consumption and avoid unnecessary wastage. In fact, fleet managers can drill down on precise data to know how much fuel was consumed for individual jobs, the most fuel-efficient vehicle and identify trends to minimize costs. This makes it easier to prevent fuel theft and ensure optimal use of your fuel.

7. Prevent fleet and asset theft

Fleet, asset and goods security are one of the topmost priorities of a fleet manager. Carriers can install a hard-wired device, implement a plug-in OBD or fix an asset tracker to prevent unauthorized usage and keep track of all the assets owned by the business.

Within this competitive space, GPS tracking can be the deciding factor for the success of your business. Request for a demo today to know how MoveX can keep your business ahead.

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