4 Industries that can benefit from a fleet tracking system

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Karthipriya S

Fleet Tracking has changed the waves in fleet management over the last two decades. Where businesses earlier relied on manual planning, guesswork and piles of messy paperwork, the GPS fleet tracking technology has paved the way for digital, streamlined operations. Initially, the logistics and trucking industry adopted the technology to execute their daily activities. With increased awareness, various industries became more receptive to the inclusion of a digital system.

Today, an effective fleet tracking solution can help businesses from multitudinous verticals, including oil and gas, educational institutions, agriculture, construction and so much more.

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Educational fleets

Safety remains the topmost priority of every school, college and university. With issues such as budget constraints, unchecked driver behavior and rising costs, educational institutions face disorganization and lack of visibility over daily operations. With fleet tracking, managers can oversee when transportation is being dispatched for pick up and drop offs, plan cost-effective routes, track ETAs and maintain the safety of the pupils.

In fact, fleet tracking allows managers to keep an eye on aggressive driving and speeding to ensure on-road safety.

Also, most educational institutions have been drawn towards the fleet tracking system owing to its role in minimizing costs. With a comprehensive outlook, businesses can control cost-draining factors and identify strategies to lower the expenditure.

Oil, Gas & Chemical industry

For companies working in a volatile environment, the power of knowing everything happening in real-time can be a game changer. Fleet tracking has allowed the oil, gas and chemical industries execute operations within a stabilized environment. With instant updates, businesses can track vehicle location, ensure workforce safety and mitigate unforeseen obstacles.

With an intelligent fleet management software such as MoveX, businesses can also stay compliant and maintain vehicles in top condition to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Government and public sector

Law enforcement, government agencies and the public sector depend on their fleet to execute daily operations. With the responsibility of serving the public and ensuring its safety, the industry battled to maintain its own sense of control, safety and efficiency. With fleet tracking, the industry can improve their response time drastically. Also, with complete control over the fleet and its assets, the industry can monitor which vehicles are being used, plan proactive maintenance schedule and improve uptime.

Services industry

The service industry is driven by the commitment of quality and on-time deliveries. Where fleet managers adopted manual routing and assigning, the fleet tracking system of today revolutionizes the entire process to improve efficiency and productivity. From home service businesses (electricians, plumbers and more) to utilities, a fleet tracking system allows managers to plan faultless operations with automated dispatching, asset monitoring, real-time notifications and preventive maintenance.

The application of fleet management software is limitless. With its suite of advanced features, the platform is transforming the way people and commodities move throughout the world. Try MoveX for your business now and reap the benefits of an intelligent system.