4 Effective Ways to Improve Fleet and Driver Safety

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hitanshi D.Rathod

The rise of motor-vehicle fatalities has been alarming. As a business that relies on transportation for providing its services, it’s important for logistic and delivery providers to consider the safety of the fleet and its drivers.There are numerous factors such as speeding, poor vehicle conditions and mobile usage, that play a role in these unfortunate accidents. By following a strategic safety plan and incorporating these 4 steps, your business can improve fleet and driver safety.

Monitor driver behaviour

Reckless driving conditions such as speeding, hard braking, acceleration and tailgating, have been a major cause for concern. These harmful practices don’t just put the fleet safety in jeopardy, but also the individual’s life. Businesses can rectify such driving behaviour through continuous monitoring. By implementing a fleet management solution, your business can regularly keep tabs on speeding, braking and other set metrics.

Provide rewards for safety

An effective way of promoting safe driving is by offering incentives and rewards to drivers who score the best on the driving behaviour conditions. This healthy competition among the employees can boost individual safety and improve driver performance.

Fleet maintenance

Breakdowns can delay your drivers from completing their daily assignments and at times, temporarily hinder the operations. While the continuous involvement of fleet is important to complete the assigned jobs, the cost of accidents due to poor vehicle conditions can be more expensive.

Ensure regular preventive maintenance for each and every fleet involved in your operations. Implement a fleet management solution to pre-schedule maintenance trips to avoid any clashes with scheduled fleets.

Also, run quick checks, including tire inflation, fuel, braking and other factors before every task and every shift.

Safety measures

Safety awareness may seem time-consuming and at times trivial, but it has a major impact within the driving sphere. Through meetings, workshops and other engaging campaigns, your business can spread safety awareness and instil a sense of responsibility among the drivers.

Businesses can also take up certain safety measures such as installing first-aid kits and seat belts indications.

Every business has a social responsibility for the lives involved within their business processes and hence it’s imperative to incorporate safety policies. cerebroX imbibes the essential fleet monitoring and safety measure features to prevent fleet wreckage, improve long-term fleet utilisation, reduce costs and most importantly, save lives.